MARA Architects place particular emphasis on Sustainable Design in every project - both residential and commercial. The design of efficient and sustainable solutions to a project adds value for our Clients, and also provides healthy and engaging spaces for people to live and work.

Practice Director, Catherine Mara, has completed postgraduate studies in Digital Energy Analysis and Retrofit, and was invited to present at the nZEB-15 National Retrofit Conference.

Our work has a committed sustainable focus with the following principles:

  • Appropriate site planning

  • Careful analysis and design of the building envelope

  • Air tightness testing and thermal imaging of building used as a tool during construction works

  • Passive and active energy generation and conservation

  • Selection of Green Rated materials and products

  • Use of renewable energy sources

  • Waste management and recycling

  • Monitoring of ongoing building performance

Our aim is to achieve the optimal balance between economical, ecological and social sustainability through quality low energy design.